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Through the generous support from the Maine Humanities Council and the Maine State Archives, the Community Television Association of Maine (CTAM) has received grant funds to begin an exciting, new archival project.

An invitation is being extended to all community television stations in Maine to participate by submitting existing video of historical events and topics unique to local people and places which will be cataloged and preserved on archive.org. Through archive.org these materials can be accessed from a centralized data base from anywhere there is an internet connection with a few key search terms. This will be a valuable resource for individuals, groups, schools, genealogists and all those who wish to research and preserve the local community history and culture.

Belfast Community Television has been selected as the site where this project will be coordinated by Archivist, Anne Allee with technical oversight by Ned Lightner, Station Manager.

Inquiries are welcome at ctamarchive@gmail.com

Programs for submission should be sent in DVD format to:

CTAM Archive Project
c/o Belfast Community Media
93 Main Street
Suite 3
Belfast,ME 04915

Download the following PDF files for more information:

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Special Note: The PDF and Excel spread sheet files containing listings of community television access centers in Maine have been removed from this resources page as we are now maintaining this listing in an expanded form as an interactive database that may be updated at any time by authorized access center managers.  Please visit the Centers page to display a searchable and sortable listing from which you may generate your own customized PDF file.  You may also wish to visit the Contact page to obtain a listing of e-mail addresses for Maine access centers and the Links page for a listing of centers with websites.

If you are an access center manager and you have not yet registered as a CTAM website user, please do so as soon as possible so that we may then authorize you to update your center's contact and other information.  You can even add your center's logo and a photo to be displayed with along with your center's detailed information.


CTAMessenger - CTAM's Newsletter

The CTAM newsletter is published three times each year - winter, spring/summer, and fall and is made available in PDF form on this website as well as emailed to Maine access channels and various other individuals and organizations on our mailing list. For more information or to submit stories, photos, or make suggestions please contact CTAMessenger Editor Brian Knoblock at newsletter@ctamaine.org. Advertising opportunities are also available for access related equipment vendors/manufacturers or service providers in both the newsletter and on this website.

PegMedia.org Media Sharing for PEG Stations

It started pretty simply.  The Maine show "Second Act" was being produced, but had lost the sponsor for distributing the DVD’s, so an alternative was needed.  That was the first step.

Then there were other Maine shows that needed distribution as well. Soon it became the "Rockport Distribution Initiative", duping and mailing DVD’s for a number of Maine shows.

But that got to be lots of work and lots of expense, so we tried electronic distribution. The time seemed to be right. Download speeds had increased and lots of content was available. Very quickly the DVD’s were outmoded and electronic distribution via an FTP site took over completely. Soon most of the stations in Maine that showed outside content were participating.

And then it turned out that there were stations and producers outside of Maine who also wanted to participate. To automate the process and to make it more useful, a web site www.pegmedia.org was created on top of the FTP site to be the entry portal.

The PegMedia.org site was not intended to be the end all site for PEG distribution. It’s a simple implementation. There are several other sites around the country under development and the PegMedia site might consolidate into one or more of those down the road.  But for now, it’s working, it’s growing, and it seems to be pretty effective.

If you’re community station, we welcome you to take a look at www.pegmedia.org and join if you’d like. It’s free to stations and producers. And if you know of other stations in Maine or elsewhere who might be interested, please help get the word out.

Newly Available for Download From PegMedia

Maine Legislation Restores PEG Stations to Their Original Lower Channels and Adds HD Broadcast Quality!

Thu, 01 Oct 2020 13:51:02 +0000

After Charter/Spectrum unilaterally changed the channel numbers of PEG stations from channels 13 and below to 1301-1303, Maine PEG stations through CTAM - COMMUNITY TELEVISION ASSOCIATION OF MAINE (www.CTAMine.org) fought back in Augusta, our state capital.

In a David vs Goliath battle, we got legislation passed to move the channels back as well as changing our broadcast resolution to HD. It was appealed by Spectrum but we prevailed in the first round. Our stations were moved back to the original channels. Spectrum is also working with stations for technology and pricing to implement HD broadcast.

Spectrum is appealing to a higher level court. We are hoping we will prevail again. This is a key to putting PEG stations on par with commercial broadcast stations in channel positioning and broadcast quality.

The following is a summary of the Legislative initiative to restore PEG channels to their original locations on Charter/Spectrum systems in Maine.

Last year Maine Passed LD1361, An Act To Insure Non-Discriminatory Treatment of PEG Channels By Cable System Operators, Public Law 245:


which, in addition to restoring the channels, provides for other PEG and municipal benefits as well.

This newspaper article describes the issue.


And the local CBS affiliate, WGME provided a follow up to the story:


During the appeals process, by court order, Maine PEG channels were restored to their former locations as of July 31, and the next level of appeals is being heard by the First District Court in Boston in October.

The Maine Attorney General, the Alliance For Community Media, The Alliance for Communications Democracy and Public Knowledge have all filed briefs in support of the Maine Judges decision to uphold the law.

It is hoped that a successful defense of the law here in Maine will prompt other States to follow suit with similar legislation. Stay tuned!

-Submitted by Tony Vigue,
CTAM Legislative Policy Committee

This post is open for comments.

Most Downloaded Shows Report Updated for More Information to Producers and Downloading Stations

Sun, 08 Mar 2020 13:44:39 +0000

A recent update of the PegMedia Software has updated our "Most Downloaded Shows" report which is found in the left and side bar under "What's Happening' for all logged in users.

We now include SD and HD downloads in the calculation and the list is now 1,000 shows long instead of 50.

This is a great tool for stations to "mine" for new show ideas by seeing which shows are more popular. It also presents the show list in a different format from some of the other options and allows station an opportunity to look through many show names very quickly.

The calculation of rank is based in total uploads for each show, so a show with more episodes will be at an advantage. Also new shows will be lower in ranking until they start getting downloads.

For a different look at shows, go to "Recent Uploads" and "Recent Downloads" also under "What's Happening".

And stations should follow the "Active Forum Topics" in the right hand sidebar for current information on shows. Also show producers should use the Forum as a way to get the word out about happenings on their shows.

Have fun mining!

Search PegMedia for Shows, Episodes and Text

Fri, 14 Dec 2018 22:26:10 +0000

 Resources - CTAM By Laws and Membership
The following documents may be of interest and may be downloaded by clicking on the download link.
 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
CTAM Questions and AnswersFAQS9/23/200526.29 KBDownload
CTAM Vendor-Sponsor Application/InvoicePDF11/6/201231.38 KBDownload
CTAM Membership InvoiceMS-Word3/19/2014UnknownDownload
CTAM By Laws - Amended 7-12-11MS Word8/3/201245.50 KBDownload
CTAM By Laws - Amended 7-12-11PDF8/3/201281.81 KBDownload
 Resources - Access Center Policy Manuals/By-Laws
 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
SPC-TV Policy Manual (Rev. 12-1-05)Microsoft Word12/29/200597.50 KBDownload
Brunswick Cable TV Advisory Comm. By-LawsMS Word10/30/200656.89 KBDownload
 Resources - Technology Guides
 TitleCategoryModified DateSize Description
MMA Technical Conference SlidesZIP Archive3/25/2010607.99 KBDownloadMMA and CTAM presents Internet Streaming and Video on Demand Technologies for Municipal Meetings

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