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Special Event

 The Community Television Association of Maine

Cordially Invites You to our WINTER 2015 MEETING IN PORTLAND

Location: CTN5, 516 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04101

Tuesday, January 27 - 5:30-9:00 p.m.

5:30 to 6:30 - Light refreshments & re-connect with fellow Access Managers, Producers and Friends

Membership not required to attend. (But always appreciated!)

PLEASE RSVP TO: Brian Knoblock for food headcount

PH: 207-775-2900 x210



The best parking is in the Spring Street Garage directly behind CTN. You can enter on Spring or Free Streets. When you leave your car exit at the Free Street exit. You can then walk around to Congress Street, turn right and walk down to CTN (right next to MECA). Parking is available on the street. Meters charge $1.00 per hour (they take nickels, dimes and quarters) until 6PM. Meters are free after 6PM.


Current Board Members:

President: Sally Hebert

Treasurer: JP Fortier
Meetings and Conferences: Steve Galvin
Membership & Outreach: Ned Lightner
Webmaster: Bill Severence
Public Policy & Legislative Review: Brian Knoblock


~ Meeting Agenda ~
Guests Welcome and Introductions around the room.


Teens? Seniors? Community Groups? Random People off the street?

Incentives? Enticements? Cash? Guilt? Restraints?

Bring in your best (and worst) ideas for how you find and keep Volunteers


Reports: Public Policy & Legislative Review: Brian Knoblock

            ACM State-oriented lobbying project

            Net Neutrality


NE Region – Upcoming Conference; ACM Update:  Sally Hebert


Treasurers Report: JP Fortier


CTAM Web Site Report & Discussion: Bill Severance / Board


Membership and Outreach Initiatives: Ned Lightner


Guest Speakers for Upcoming Meetings and Tech Conferences: 

                   We need a new volunteer for this task


Old Business: As Brought Forward

New Business: As Brought Forward 


Confirm Upcoming Meeting Dates & Locations: 

- April 28 – Greene

- June 30 – Belfast








Our Sponsors

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Please have your access center consider joining CTAM as a voting member ($50 per year) or you may join as an individual non-voting member ($37.50). Audio or video equipment vendors or service providers may also join as non-voting members ($50.00).

 Your memberships help support CTAM's activities on behalf of community television and make this website possible. Click on the link below for details:


Core Values of PEG Access

The Community Television Association of Maine is committed to furthering the following Core Values as set forth by the Alliance for Community Media. They were created by Sue Buske for the ACM West Conference:

Localism: Supports local viewpoints, local perspectives, and the interests of local communities. Most mainstream media programming is intended for national audiences and does not reflect the rich diversity of American community life.

Diversity of Viewpoints-Participatory: Local communities must be able to make and air media that reflects local experiences. Our society is founded on a belief in freedom of expression and free speech.

Promote Dialogue and Discussion: Democracy works best when a wide array of voices and opinions can be seen and heard. The airing of opinions creates an opportunity for dialogue around issues and concerns that people and the community must address.

Media Literacy: A basic tenant of civil society is that the lives of all members of the community are important, and all members of society should be able to represent themselves in the media. In order to represent themselves they need access to the electronic media tools to create content, the training to use the tools, and the mechanism(s) to distribute community content.

Non-commercial: PEG access is an essential component in our public media ‘greenspace’ where, like a public park, we can reflect on who we are without the interference of commercial values.

Civic Engagement:  Many of the decisions that most affect our lives are made at the local level by city councils, school boards, mayors, and so on. PEG access keeps the public informed about local government elections, about health services, about public housing, and about other important local political and economic development activities.

Education: Public, Educational and Government (PEG) access plays an important role in our educational system. It provides a distribution medium for use by schools, libraries and colleges; and it is especially important for education in low income and rural communities.

Public Safety: In many areas PEG access channels provide for emergency information and community alerts.

Electronic Greenspace: All communication service providers using the public right-of-way or public airwaves should provide bandwidth and funding for PEG access.

You may download these Core Values of PEG Access as a pdf document from our Resources page.

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