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Membership Application

2016-2017 CTAM Membership Invoice
(Expires June 30, 2017)

Todays Date: _________________

Name of Member:


(Name of Municipality or Access Center IF VOTING MEMBERSHIP or Individual’s Name if NON-VOTING)

Address: ____________________________________________________

________________________________________  Zip:____________

Day Phone: ___________________   Fax: _________________________

Contact Name: ______________________________ Contact Title: ___________________________________

Evening Phone: (optional): ____________________    WEBSITE: _____________________________________

Member E-mail:   _____________________________ Contact E-Mail ___________________________________

Please Check Appropriate Membership Category:

   ____  Voting Membership (Organization)                            $50.00

   Person designated to cast vote on behalf of your organization

   __________________________   Their Phone Number: _____________  E-Mail: __________________________________

   ____  Non-Voting Membership (Individual)                         $37.50

   ____  Non-Voting Membership (Vendor)                              $50.00

   ____  Non-Voting Membership (Non-Profit Organization   $50.00

How did you learn about CTAM? ________________________________________________________

Please Make Check Payable To: The Community Television Association of Maine
Print out this form , fill it out and mail to:

     The Community Television Association of Maine

516 Congress Street 


Portland, Maine 04101

207 775-2900 x210


Thank you for your support !


Rev. 4/29/16

You may download this invoice in MS Word or as a PDF file. 

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Community Television
Association of Maine
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Phone: (207) 775-2900 x210
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E-Mail: info@ctamaine.org

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