Maine Community Stations Database

Once you have registered as a user of the CTAM website and have logged in to your user account, you will have access to one of the most used site features -  an interactive database of information on each known Access Center in the State of Maine.  In addition to being able to search the database by City or Center and by the type of access provided (educational, governmental, PEG, leased access, etc), you can click on the make PDF button to prepare a printable report.

Authorized access center contact persons are able to add and update information to this database and even upload both a logo and photo image to be displayed with their center's information.  We encourage any access center contact persons to register as a user of this site so that they will be able to make changes and additions as necessary.

There are also two other views of a subset of this data found on other pages of the site: a list of access center e-mail addresses found under the "Contact" tab and a list of access center website addresses found under the "Links" tab.

Please advise your webmaster using the below e-mail link if you are having any problems with accessing or using this new information or if you have suggestions for other reports or fields of information to be added.

The Community Television Association of Maine provides a listing of contact and other information about public, educational, and/or governmental access chanels in the State of Maine. The content in this listing, which is available to registered site users only, is maintained by individual access channels. Some do an excellent job in keeping their information up to date - others have never updated as changes have occured in station management, areas served, video formats, and contact information.

If you do not see the listing of Maine Community Access Centers below, you have either never registered as a user of the CTAM website or need to login to an existing account.

If you plan to use the listing to post announcements about your organization, please keep in mind that most of them are staffed by volunteers who do not have the time to format your printed press release or announcement for television. Here are some guidelines that will help insure that they are able to post your message.

1. Use a program like Powerpoint or a graphics program like Photoshop to create the slide IN LANDSCAPE MODE. 

2. Keep fonts larger than 26 point. 
3. Try to cover the 5 "W's" - Who, What, Where, When, Why. Just the facts, no editorializing.

4. Use high contrast colors for text, no pastels. 

5. Indent half an inch from the edge of the slide because the outer edges gets cut off in the conversion to a tv signal.

6. Save the slide as a JPEG file.

If this is done, most Public Access stations will gladly put it on. Educational Access and Government Access typically do not post announcements for events other than their own.



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