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 Cable Franchise Renewals - Presentation to Maine Municipal Association Conference

Presentation Title SlideThe following materials were presented by CTAM at the Maine Municipal Association Conference in October 2018 and in several cases include updates from those presented in 2012.

Read the Condensed Franchise Renewal Process Advice first and then look at the other documents. The Generic Cable Renewal Franchise is an updated version of the Maine Model Franchise and like the other documents, will differ from town to town. This is the "Request for Proposal" that you will be sending to the cable operator after you have finished all the preliminaries that we discussed today.

Again, please involve your Town Attorney or a consultant as you go through the process to avoid any pitfalls.

I am also including a Generic Request for Commencement of Franchise fees (for Charter Franchises) if your current franchise does not prohibit a change to the Franchise Contract before renewal. Again, check with your municipal attorney.

If you have questions you may contact us via email to info@ctamaine.org.

Condensed Franchise Renewal Process Advice (MS Word)

CTAM Presentation to MMA Conference (MS Powerpoint)

Generic Franchise Renewal Commencement of Proceedings (MS Word)

Generic Franchise Renewal Process with Assignments (MS Word)

Generic Ascertainment Report (MS Word)

Generic Vision Plan (MS Word)

Generic Cable Television Ordinance (MS Word)

Generic Cable Renewal Franchise Agreement - Rev. 9/30/2018 (MS Word)

Generic Request for Commencement of Franchise Fee (MS Word)

 Municipal Benefits Under Cable Franchise Renewals (MS Word)

 Updated PEG Guidelines for Municipal Officials (MS Word)

 CTAM Questions Brochure (MS Word)

 Overview of the Cable Franchise Renewal Process (PDF)

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