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Membership in CTAM

Benefits of Becoming A CTAM Member

  • A coordinated voice for the interests of nonprofit community television in Maine on a local, state, and national level.
  • An informational/educational resource, including free access to CTAM's library of reference materials.
  • Four meetings each year that offer:
    • training or informational session
    • tour of host site (usually a public access center)
    • informal setting for the exchange of ideas, meeting other access professionals and volunteers
  • Three informational newsletters each year and the production of new outreach materials.
  • Participation in a "CTAM Showcase" series for possible distribution over the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (tentative - in planning stages now).
  • Discounts on any CTAM-sponsored events
  • A vote on all CTAM policy issues.
  • Linkages with like-minded national and regional organizations.
  • Announcement forwarding to all CTAM mail lists. 

** Representatives of nonprofit community television organizations, including municipal channels, which would qualify under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code qualify for voting membership.

Individuals or organizations involved with community TV may qualify for nonvoting membership, enjoying all the benefits of the voting members except the opportunity to vote on policy issues.



CTAM Annual Plan

Board of Directors:

  • Four Board meetings at a time and place to be determined by the Board of Directors in compliance with the Bylaws.

  • Hold an annual membership meeting once a year, separate from the annual conference.

  • To create and participate in committees to facilitate specific tasks/ duties.

Public Policy:  

  • Continue liaison with State and Federal legislators and PUC regarding legislation that may impact community television.

  • Participate in MMA Legislative Policy Committee meetings

Membership & Outreach  

  • Maximize the use of the web site for organizational communication

  • Encourage facilities to hold open house get-togethers to share and network.

  • Expand the database to include facility information (possibly online database).

  • Increase outreach efforts to include school media centers, Town Managers, Libraries, and State Organizations such as MMA, PUC, etc.

  • Increased involvement with ACM-Northeast including possible membership & Board representation.   

  • Continued membership in Alliance for Community Media

  • Finalize and edit "What is CTAM?" tape.

  • Establish working relationship with other Community Media outlets to share info & promote public access to the media.

  Meetings & Conferences  

  • Hold one day Community Television Conference once a year in the autumn to include Media Literacy, Technical, and Public Policy/Franchising.

  • Coordinate travel plans to Alliance Regional Meetings. 

Grant – Archive Project  

  • Continue work on archive project, including pursuing additional grant monies.


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Association of Maine
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Farmington, ME 04938
E-Mail: info@ctamaine.org

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